Notre histoire

Allison Lepape, founder of Sienna Paris "One year ago, the birth of my daughter Sienna gave me wings. Every day she inspires me and I want to give her the best and the finest. I was desperately trying to find practical and original clothes, far from the classic and pastel ranges you see everywhere. I have long looked for it, without result. I created #thedailysienna, which lists her outfits and accessories. This is when I thought I could create them myself!

I immediately thought of trendy materials and color, which remained unavailable in children's brands: velvet, blue duck, or even gray blue, chosen color of the year 2017 by Pantone. Sienna gave me the inspiration of the designs and the collections. My young mom friends helped me bring this project to life: drawing, making, photography of prototypes ....

For me, Sienna Paris is a story of love but also of friendship. "